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Trade licence

2icon-upozorneni1-blackYou can find the most up-to-date information on entrepreneurship with a trade licence, including legislation, guides and various programmes to support the self-employed, on the Ministry of Industry and Trade website.

What do I need?

  • Capacity and integrity

  • Identity card

  • Document professional or special competence in the case of a vocational, regulated and licenced trade

  • Cash to pay fees on the spot, or by payment card for payment at the Office’s cash department.

Where do I register?

In person

  • You can make the notification at any municipal trade licensing office – central registration point (CRM)
  • If you submit it via the Czech POINT service, there is an additional fee of 50 CZK.

Due to staff shortages, the capacity for direct handling at the counter is limited to a total of 40 per day.

Use the queue management system (one ticket per submission) in the case of submitting in person.

The issue of tickets on office day is terminated after the said capacity has been used up or at 5 p.m.


How long does it take?

We will make an entry in the Trade Register and issue an extract within 5 working days from the registration’s delivery date.

A trade within the meaning of § 2 of the Trade Licensing Act is a systematic activity carried out independently, in one’s own name, on one’s own responsibility, for the purpose of making a profit and under the conditions stipulated by the Trade Licensing Act.
The activities listed in § 3 of the Trade Licensing Act are not trades, and a trade licence cannot be obtained for the activities listed there.

The Trade Licensing Department consists of two departments, namely the Administrative and Trade Register Department (trade registration, applications for concessions, notification of changes, extracts from the Trade Register and issuing Registration Certificates in the Agricultural Entrepreneur Register) and the Control Department (trade inspection performance, misdemeanour and administrative proceedings concerning the imposition of sanctions, suspension and revocation of trade licences).

When should I go to the Administrative and Trade Register Department, which is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors?

  1. You can register a trade or apply for a concession in this department.

  2. Furthermore, you report all changes and additions concerning the data and documents that are specified for registering the trade, within 15 days of their creation. This does not apply to changes already entered in the basic registers, the Commercial Register or the population register information system.

  3. The Administrative Department also handles the revocation of a trade licence at one’s own request and the continuation of the trade in the event of the entrepreneur’s death or termination upon death.

  4. You can apply for an extract from the Trade Register here.

  5. You announce the interruption or resumption of the trade operation here.

When should I go to the Control Department, located on the 1st floor?

  1. Of your own free-will – if you need to file a complaint to investigate whether an entrepreneur complies with the obligations imposed on them by Act No 455/1991 Coll., on trade licensing and regulations related to business, or if you need to clarify your obligations as an entrepreneur in relation to the control authorities.

  2. Of your own free-will – if you perform the function of a responsible representative in the sense of § 11 of Act No. 455/1991 Coll., on trade licensing, and you intend to notify the Trade Licensing Office that you have terminated that particular function.

    The above actions can also be done in writing.

  3. Ex officio – in all cases where you are summoned to give an explanation, for a check, testimony, administrative offence or misdemeanour proceedings, etc. and you will always find the appropriate instructions on the consequences of your failure (failure to appear without a proper apology) in the specific document you received.

Recommendation: Ensure that you receive documents so that you can find out about any summons in good time and be able to act on the matter.

Queue management system

A queue management system is installed at the Trade Licensing Department, which is available on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Lipanská 14 building.

The counters are arranged as follows: 2nd floor – Counters 1–5, 3rd floor – Counters 6–8.

After the client selects the action and prints the client ticket, they will be redirected to the currently free counter.

  • If the client is on the 2nd floor and is called by a free counter on the 3rd floor, an up arrow appears on the display unit next to the counter number, e.g., 6 ↑, and the client moves to Counter 6 on the 3rd floor, where they will be attended to.

  • If the client is on the 3rd floor and is called by a free counter on the 2nd floor, a down arrow 3 ↓ will appear on the display unit next to the counter number and the client will move to counter 3 on the 2nd floor, where they will be attended to.

  • It is possible to use the time reservation through the reservation system available on the website.

  • In addition to personal visits, submissions to the Trade Licensing Department can also be made, for example, by sending the completed form from the applicant’s data box to the Office’s data box.

Address, telephone, office hours

Lipanská 14, Prague 3
The Administrative and Trade Register Department is located on the 2nd and 3rd floor – telephone: +420 222 116 417
The Control Department is located on the 1st floor – telephone: +420 222 116 424

Office hours
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