Section of the Environment

Section of the Environment (Oddělní životního prostředí) is the agency locally responsible for administration in the areas of air quality protection, waste management, cruelty to animals, arable land resources, the protection of nature and landscape, the felling of trees and issuing hunting and fishing licenses.

Address: Olšanská 2666/7, Praha 3, ground floor (entrance from Pitterova street),  tel. 222 116 370
Office hours: Monday, Wednesday: 8am – 6pm

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

A fishing or hunting license can be applied for by a Czech citizen or by a foreigner who is (permanently or temporarily) in the jurisdiction of the pertinent Division.

A fishing permit is required for everyone engaged in fishing in a (public) fishery. It is valid throughout the Czech Republic for 1, 3 or 10 years from the date of issue.

To apply you will need:

  • an identification card (občanský průkaz)
  • a valid passport or a residency permit (for foreigners)
  • a certificate from the Czech Fishing Association on basic knowledge about fishing or an old Czech fishing license
  • for foreigners – a fishing permit, license or similar document issued by the state of citizenship.


Validity For applicants age 15 and up For applicant younger than 15
1 year 100 Kč 50 Kč
3 years 200 Kč 100 Kč
10 years 500 Kč 250 Kč
indefinite 1000 Kč ---

A hunting license is the basic prerequisite for hunting. For Czech citizens it can be issued with a validity of 1 day, 5 days, 30 days, 6 months, 1 year and indefinitely, for foreigners with validities of 1 day, 3 days, 30 days, 6 months or 1 year. In regard to hunting licenses, a foreigner is a physical person who does not have permanent residency in the Czech Rep.

A hunting license can be issued only to someone age 16 or older, who is competent (fit) to enter into legal proceedings, has passed an examination in hunting and game keeping (a valid, foreign-issued hunting authorization/license is acceptable) and has a clean criminal record, as evidenced by a transcript not older than 3 months. The hunting and game office can get the criminal record transcript by remote access.

A foreigner who does not reside in the CR and is applying for a hunting license valid for less than 30 days can submit a valid hunting license from his/her country of residence or a certified copy thereof. The applicant must have insurance.

You will need:

  • An identity card (občanský průkaz) or a passport (foreigners)
  • A certificate from a hunting and game keeping examination or a valid hunting permit/license (foreigners)
  • proof of insurance (per §48 of law 449/2001 Sb., on hunting and game keeping)
  • evidence of a clean criminal record (a foreigner who is not a permanent resident of the Czech Rep. and is applying for a hunting license valid for less than 30 days can submit a valid hunting license from his/her country of residence instead).


Validity Fee
1 day 30 Kč
5 days 50 Kč
30 days 70 Kč
6 months 100 Kč
12 months 150 Kč
indefinite 1000 Kč

Applications for fishing or hunting licenses can be filled out and submitted at the District office of Prague 3. You can also fine them on the web pages of Prague 3.

Response times:

If the hunting license application cannot be immediately processed and approved (or denied), the Division of the Environment is obligated to issue a decision within 30 days from the application.

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