This department provides services connected to issuing IDs/passports and management of records on citizens, agenda of traffic offences and the agenda of state citizenship and registry. The department consists of three sub-departments – Department of IDs/Passports and Records on Citizens, Administration Department and Department of State Citizenship and Registry.

Births and Citizenship Department

Address: Havlíčkovo náměstí 9, Praha 3, 2nd floor, door No. 224 -  225, tel. 222 116 230-4

Opening hours: 
Mondays and Wednesdays 8:00am – 6:00pm.

All of the information stated on this website is a brief excerpt from laws treating the agenda of births, change of name and surname and the agenda of citizenship. Each case is very individual and other rules may apply. Therefore consider the information below as general. To discuss your particular case, visit the appropriate department or section.

All documents of foreign origin and submitted to Czech Birth and Citizenship Department have to be translated to Czech and notarized (this does not apply to documents issued in Slovak language). By citizens of countries that have no international agreement with Czech Republic, all legal documents have to be superlegalised at an appropriate Embassy of Czech Republic in the given country, or an Apostille has to be provided by country that issued the document.


Every marriage procedure begins with the preliminary visit of engaged couple to the Town Hall, filling in Marriage Application Form, check of all necessary identification documents, preparatory arrangements for the wedding ceremony, wedding ceremony, entry into the Marriage Register, drawing up of Marriage Certificate and forwarding of certificate to the married couple (personal hand-over or through post).

Engaged couples can enter into the marriage through civil or religious marriage. In case when couples are planning a religious wedding, they are required to visit the Births and Citizenship Department (matrika). Depending on the church the engaged couple chooses for the wedding ceremony, the marriage register will issue a certificate on compliance with all legal requirements necessary for entering into the marriage (certificate is valid for 6 months). In case when the couple enter into marriage through civil marriage, there is no possibility to enter into marriage through a religious marriage and vice versa.

Documents required from fiancé who is a foreigner:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Document certifying your nationality – passport
  • Certificate of no impediment to marriage
  • In some cases Confirmation of your Marital Status and your residence
  • Confirmation of your status as a legal resident in the Czech republic issued by Czech police (this confirmation shall not be older than 7 days upon the day of marriage
  • You may also need other documents if you have already been married (Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate of your former spouse).

For more information for foreigners on entering into marriage visit:


  • Marriage with a fiancé that does not have permanent residency in the territory of the Czech Republic - CZK2,000
  • Marriage when both fiancés do not have permanent residency in the territory of the Czech Republic -  CZK3,000.

Marriages at Prague 3 take place in a ceremonial hall of Žižkov Town Hall and from May to September also in the area of Rajská Garden. There is a plan to organize the ceremonies at Žižkov Tower or in Atrium (concert and exhibition hall) later on.

Same-sex marriages (registered partnerships) could be concluded at relevant local authority (Marriage Register) of the region where one of the partners has a permanent residency. In the Capital City of Prague registered partnership could be concluded at Prague 1 Municipality.

Death Register

Death Certificate is issued by Register Office of the municipality where the person died, not by the area where the deceased resided permanently. The arising allowance will be assigned to the person who arranged the funeral, to the dependant child or to the parent of the dependant child. All this will be based on one condition, which is, that the deceased person had a permanent residency within the territory of the Czech Republic on the day of the death.

Change of Name and/or Surname

The change of surname is only possible in case when the surname has either derogatory or embarrassing connotation or in case when there are serious circumstances requiring the change. In case of divorce, the change of surname is not subject to any fee and is done within six months as of the date when the divorce had become legally effective. The change of surname in case of the divorce shall be announced to the Birth Register/Marriage Register where marriage had been concluded.

After the period of 6 months since the divorce become legally effective, the change of surname is administered in a form of administrative proceedings following the submission of the application form by the person concerned to the Birth Register at his/her permanent residency area. There is a CZK100 fee.

General application for change of name or surname of a foreigner with permanent residency in the Czech Republic is submitted to the Register relevant to permanent residency of the applicant. Administrative fee for change of name is CZK1,000 and for change of surname CZK1,000.

Voluntary Declaration of Paternity

The declaration is conducted through visit of parents of either unborn or already born child and writing of “Affirmative Proclamation of Paternity”. In cases when the mother or father of the child is foreign citizen that does not speak Czech, there is a need to arrange a sworn interpreter (interpreter costs shall be covered by the applicant).  No administration fee is charged for this service.

You will need to submit the following documents:

  • Pregnancy Certificate if the child is unborn or Birth Certificate if the child is born
  • Certificate of mother´s marital status (single, divorced or widow)
  • Birth Certificates of both parents and IDs of both parents
  • Other documents depending on the situation of the mother – Divorce Certificate certifying a divorce that has come into force, and husband´s Death Certificate etc.

Special Birth Register of Brno

Civil Law and Administration Department, Department of State Citizenship and Registry of Prague 3 Municipality serve Prague 3 citizens requiring assistance with Special Birth Register BRNO issues. This Birth Register records registry events of Czech citizens that were born or entered into marriage or died abroad. The applicant personally submits foreign documentation on the registry event (translated to Czech). Some countries have entered into agreement with the Czech Republic on verification and legalisation processes and the documents then shall have an apostille or should be superlegalised. The application is sent to the Special Birth Register in Brno where, as soon as the register event (that took place outside the Czech Republic) is legalised, the Register issues Czech Registry Document.

Czech Republic Citizenship

As of January 1, 2014 a new Act on Czech Citizenship came into force, Act No. 186/2013 Coll.

Czech Republic Citizenship Certificate

Czech Republic Citizenship Certificate is required for all children when applying for their passport or first ID card if the children are Czech citizens and one of the parents is a foreigner. In order to have the Czech Republic Citizenship Certificate applicants have to fill in an application form, sign the form (for children up to the age of 15 by parents, for children older than 15 they can sign for themselves). In order to get the Certificate, the applicants shall submit Birth Certificate of a Czech citizen (i.e. the Birth Certificate of a child/applicant), Marriage Certificate of parents, and Birth Certificate of one of the parents (Czech citizen). Certificate for the purposes of issuing a Czech ID for 15-year-old applicants is issued free of charge. In all other cases, such as having a passport issued, there is an administrative fee for having the Czech Republic Citizenship Certificate issued. The fee is CZK100.

Acquiring Czech Citizenship Being Born in the Czech Republic and Through Paternity Determination

The child acquires Czech Citizenship when at least one parent is Czech citizen at the time of  child´s birth and the child was born while the parents were married. The place of birth does not affect getting Czech citizenship in any way.

Acquiring Czech Citizenship being born in the Czech Republic applies to children who are born in the Czech Republic and who would otherwise become persons without citizenship (stateless). This concerns children whose both parents are stateless, but at least one of them has been granted stay for longer than 90 days at the time of birth of their child.

A situation when the parents are not married, father is a citizen of the Czech Republic and the paternity was determined by Affirmative Proclamation of Paternity: The child automatically (by law) acquires Czech citizenship if:

  • The mother of the child is a citizen of EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein;
  • The mother is stateless;
  • The mother of the child has long-term resident permit within the territory of the Czech Republic.

If the mother of the child does not fall into any of the above stated categories, the child acquires Czech citizenship when parents prove paternity through genetic test and submit the results of the test accompanied by expert opinion on this matter.

A child acquires Czech citizenship by law in case when the Czech Court ruled that the father of the child is a Czech citizen.

If the child does not get Czech citizenship by law, the parents of the child could apply for Czech citizenship for the child.

Special Cases of Acquiring Czech Citizenship with Children:

  • Who are adopted, and one of the parents (at least) is Czech citizen.
  • Who are younger than 3 years old and found in the territory of the Czech Republic and there is no chance to verify its identity.
  • Who are born in the Czech Republic and have no citizenship and were sent by court to some form of care.

Granting Czech Citizenship

Foreigners with permanent stay in the area of Prague 3 file an application for Czech Citizenship to Civil and Administration Department, Department of State Citizenship and Registry of Prague 3 Municipality, Havlíčkovo nám. 700/9, second floor. The staff will provide the applicants with all the necessary information including the list of documents needed to complete the application file.

Czech citizenship is granted on the basis of Act on Czech Citizenship No. 186/2013Coll., Articles 11- 27. The application is solely processed by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic; processing time is 180 days after the application is submitted to the Ministry.

The Act on Citizenship states that there is no legal claim to get Czech citizenship. Czech citizenship could be granted when applicants have become integrated into Czech society especially in cases when the integration concerns the integration of the family, integration in terms of profession or social integration. The applicants are not obliged to prove waiver of their previous citizenship (dual or multi citizenship is possible).

When applying for Czech citizenship, the applicant shall has to have a permanent residency in the Czech Republic to the date of filing the application for Czech citizenship

a) for at least for 5 years,
b) for at least for 3 years, in case of citizens of EU states, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Lichtenstein, or
c) has a permanent residency shorter than 5 years, but total period of his/her uninterrupted legal stay within the territory of the Czech Republic is at least 10 years.

The applicant has to prove knowledge of Czech language and have a basic idea about Czech constitutional system and cultural, social, geographical and historical background concerning the Czech Republic. For further information on citizenship exam see

With respect to the requirement of applicants´ Czech language knowledge (with exceptions stated by law) all of the other detailed information on Czech citizenship is available at relevant registry office.

Acquiring Czech Citizenship through Proclamation - Act on Czech Citizenship No.186/2013Coll., Article 31

A so called second generation of foreigners living in the territory of the Czech Republic could acquire Czech citizenship through making a Proclamation. The Proclamation could be done by foreigner who reached 18 and has not yet become 21, has permanent residency in the territory of the Czech Republic and has legally resided in the Czech Republic from the age of 10 (the latest) till the date of making the Proclamation for at least two thirds of that period. The applicant shall further prove he/she has not been sentenced for criminal act or offence and that he/she is not considered as if he/she has not been sentenced.