Health and Education Department is an organisational unit of Prague 3 Municipality. The department provides assistance to general public, provides information on education and healthcare. Deals with applications, proposals, and complaints of citizens in relation to public or other social interests within the area of Prague 3.

Address: Lipanská 9, Prague 3, tel. 420 222 116 357

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday: 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Enrolment to Basic School

Basic school enrolment is carried out within the period of January 15 - February 15 each year. Exact dates of enrolment to particular basic schools are published in Prague 3 Municipality paper, basic schools websites and Prague 3 Municipality official website. Attendance to basic school begins on September 1 and is obligatory to all children reaching the age of 6 prior to September 1 of the given year. Children, who turn 6 till August 31, have to attend the basic school in the given year. In case when the parents have reasons for which the child would not be able to start school attendance at the age of 6, the parents could apply for postponement of school attendance by 1 year. Legal representative (parent) is obliged to enrol his/her child to basic school of their choice. The enrolment procedure requires the presence of a child and his/her legal representative (parent). The parent has to show ID or passport and birth certificate of the child. School attendance is obligatory to all children in the Czech Republic regardless the type and legality of their stay. The presentation of permanent or temporary stay permit presentation is recommended, but not obligatory. In case when the parents do not enrol their child to school at the age of 6 and the child does not start school attendance as required, the parents are breaking the Czech law.

For further information please contact tel. 420 222 116 209 or e-mail

Kindergarten Enrolment

Kindergartens are not obligatory and are established for children aged 3 to 6. The directors of kindergarten facilities state their own date for enrolment to their institution. The dates are published on particular kindergarten websites, on Prague 3 Municipality official website and in Municipality paper. Usual terms of enrolment are stated for March and the children start kindergarten attendance from September 1. Parents shall collect the kindergarten enrolment form by the director of kindergarten and the director establishes further proceedings. Apart from all personal documents, kindergartens also require the statement of pediatrician proving child´s ability to attend the kindergaten.

Each kindergarten has its own criteria for accepting the children. One of the criteria is the residency in the vicinity of kindergarten (so called catchment area), other criterion is the age of a child. Children aged 5 have priority to enrol kindergarten since they are to attend the basic school the following year. The kindergartens have other criteria, too. Capacity is limited and the fact that the child is not accepted to the kindergarten could occur. The stay of children in the kindergarten and the food provided during the stay of the child in kindergarten are a paid service.

The above stated information applies to all Prague 3 operated kindergartens.

In the area of Prague 3 private establishments of this kind could be found, too. Private kindergartens and caretaking centres have their own rules, regulations and prices.